Oroville company expects increase in business from single-use plastic bag ban

Oct 1, 2014 5:53 PM

Oroville's Roplast Industries expects increased business and growth under the new single-use plastic bag ban.

They've been making a variety of reusable plastic bags for years, and say they've already seen an increase in business under plastic bag bans in California cities.

Now, as the ban goes statewide, Roplast says they'll help their existing clients adjust to the law, and also expect to see more business from companies in cities that will have to make a big change.

"We're ready," said Roplast's Darrell Costello. "We've been in this market since the first ordinance passed about seven years ago and we're ready for the state bill to bring some increased business, and we can grow."

Prices for reusable bags range from 10 cents to 25, but under the new law, they must be at least 10 cents.

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