Oroville City Council Finalizes Balanced Budget

Jul 3, 2013 9:57 AM

Many people in Oroville are angry because of the city council's decision to cut more than 30 positions, including the city's Fire Chief, to help reduce a more than 2 million dollar budget deficit. The council finalized the budget plan and layoffs at its meeting Tuesday night in a unanimous vote. The interim city administrator made a plan to cut city departments by 18% in order to stop the city's $2.1 million a year deficit spending. The plan included more than 30 positions in eligible departments to be cut. These positions included those in the police and fire departments. At the meeting the council voted to lay off the fire chief, museum curator and many other positions. Dozens of people asked the council to reconsider the layoffs. Along with the other positions cut was an accounting manager. A councilman presented a plan at Tuesday's meeting that would allow the city to keep the position. The other councilors voted down the motion, but will meet July 12th to rescind the account manager layoff if they chose to do so. Layoff notices for city employees go out Wednesday and will go into effect 13 days later.


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