Oroville cattle rancher uses Twitter to make political voice heard

Jan 21, 2015 7:56 PM by Brian Johnson

Last night, Congressman Doug LaMalfa was live tweeting during President Obama's State of the Union Address.

But so was one of his constituents, a cattle and hog rancher in Oroville.

Meg Brown, who has more than 4,000 followers, says she uses Twitter as a platform to express her beliefs on everything from agriculture to politics.

Regularly, she tweets at Congressman LaMalfa, who she says has become less shy and sometimes responds to those tweets.

"You can't really ignore me," said Brown. "You can try, but people are starting to pay attention to what I say and I love it, and I am using that platform and I am going to continue to use that platform."

"I know who she is and the family over there they ranch not terribly far from mine actually," LaMalfa told us in a Skype interview Wednesday afternoon. "I enjoy constructive conversation even if it's different than what my views are, as long as it's constructive, not personal, not name calling, and we're both trying to get to an end."

Brown says she plans to run for public office at some point in the future.


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