Oroville apartment complex wants more police oversight

Mar 12, 2014 7:24 PM

Oroville Police say they responded to 100 calls at the Oro Villa Apartments last year. Drugs, domestic violence, and property crime are nothing new there, but the latest management team is hoping to change that. Property manager Michael Brann says he wonders if Oroville Police could be doing more to help keep tenants safe. Says Brann, "We took over the property a little over a year ago. We are trying to clean it up, and make it a better place for the tenants. They say they're doing all they can. I don't know if they could be doing more to help us."
He says the complex had a break-in at the main office recently, in which several money orders were stolen. An area check-cashing company provided Brann with surveillance video of a man trying to cash stolen money orders made out to his management company. He says he recognized the alleged thief as a former tenant. Brann says despite that, the man, in Butte County Jail on unrelated fraud charges, was let out.
Oroville Police Lt. Allen Byers says violent crimes take precedence, and it's possible he was released on bond to make room for more violent offenders. As for calls for service, Byers says, "We handle them the best we can with the manpower we have available at the time. Some we can't investigate as timely as we can, but we eventuatlly get to them." He says even though no charges have been filed in the stolen money orders case, it doesn't mean they are not investigating it, and if there is enough evidence, the thief will have his day in court.


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