Oroville Airport Gets a Facelift

Mar 15, 2012 7:28 PM

Table Mountain Aviation Owner Tom Hagler says, "A lot of the jet guys can't or don't want to fuel their own plane, so they don't even land here. So we're loosing a lot of jet fuel business that way." So Oroville city officials knew changes needed to be made. Corporate jets have been unable to refuel in Oroville for the last eight years, causing the airport to loose much of their business to other areas. "A lot of the outlining airports have been getting our fuel sales and all the other money they spend in hotels, etc," Hagler says.

In 2008, the city completed an airport revitalization study, which concluded the 73-year-old airport was underutilized. Study results showed, the airport building needed refurbishing and jet refueling needed to be on site. Rick Walls, City Civil Engineer and Airport Manager says, "We hope to do 4-6 thousand gallons a month starting and so that may bring in 5-10 thousand dollars into the city that would go elsewhere."

And by having the full service jet refueling available, more money will be available to come in for future improvements. "It provides an extra revenue source to supply funding for other planned projects," Walls says.

The airport typically serves a couple of planes a week, but now with the full service jet refueling and a renovated airport building, fully equipt with corporate jet quarters, showers, and a kitchen, managers are hopeful that number will only increase. "With the ability to service the jet community, we'll be able to take care of people from farther away," says Hagler.

The remainder of the changes to the airport, are scheduled to be completed by the end of August, just in time for the annual Oroville Fly-In.


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