Orland Woman Trying to Help Neglected Horses

Feb 6, 2013 7:24 PM

LC Smith loves animals. She offers sancturary to abused, neglected, and homeless farm animals. She's been trying to help a Chrome rancher get rid of many of her horses. Laura Christ of C Farms is under investigation by the Glenn County Sheriff's Office. Her neighbors have been been complaining for more than a year that more than a hundred horses on her property have been neglected and starved. Smith knows Christ, and is stepping in to help her by working to find them homes. It's not an easy task. Smith says it's not a good time to be in the horse business, and hay and grain are expensive. But she's an animal lover, and refuses to let them starve. She says, "I love them. I've had horses since I was a little kid, and I will help any horse that comes my way."
Smith is asking for a $200 adoption fee. She says this will discourage people from selling them to slaughter, because they would lose money on the transaction. All of the horses are mares. Most of them have been used for breeding, and some have papers, and are broke to ride. There is a 3 horse limit per family. Smith will be checking up on each of the horses one month after they've been adopted. If you would like to adopt one or more of these animals, email Smith at rafterlc@hotmail.com, or call her at (530) 514-8725.


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