Orland Unified School District takes another blow

Feb 19, 2014 7:54 PM

Just as the Orland Unified School District closes its huge deficit, it has been hit with another surprise.

Last week, the county's fiscal expert discovered that they will not receive $644,000 in federal grant dollars.

Glenn County Schools Superintendent Tracey Quarne confirmed his office advised Orland not to work the expected money into the budget.

But they did, and now the district is in the red $350,000.

Quarne said that was a hard realization after the district already made major cuts to reduce its deficit from $1.2 million to around $275,000.

“I know that community,” Quarne said. “I know that spunk. I know that spirit. This is not bigger than the success driven people of Orland. We will find a remedy.”

Orland Unified was officially declared in fiscal distress by the state on December 19th.

There is a possibility the district could forced to turnover control to the state.

Neither Quarne nor Orland Interim Superintendent Jeff Scheele would speculate on the likelihood of that happening. But they say it’s the last thing they want to happen because it would take local control away from the district.


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