Orland to sell Glenn County residents water

Aug 20, 2014 6:47 PM by Brian Johnson

The city of Orland will start selling water to Glenn county residents soon.

Orland Mayor Jim Paschall said the city council voted unanimously to sell water from a well at the Orland airport to county residents whose residential wells have gone dry.

He said it's a good well that's had little use, and can pump 1,700 gallons per minute.

Glenn County Officials asked Orland leaders if they had any water resources for county residents whose wells go dry, and Orland said yes.

County residents will pay what city residents pay when they overuse, 78 cents per one thousand gallons.
"If there's a need, we're going to supply the water, until we don't have any more water," Paschall said. "Right now this well has sufficient capacity to do whatever we think is necessary."

Glenn County's water coordinator asks that any county residents with well problems contact the county at 634-6501. Or, click here.


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