Orland Police Intercept Alleged Drug Trafficker

Jan 12, 2016 2:45 PM by David McVicker

Officers in the Orland Police Department bagged themselves a suspected drug trafficker Jan. 8 after a Florida man was detained carrying materials determined to be used for packaging narcotics.

Christian Pardo, 26, of Kissimmee, Florida was pulled over in Orland when he was stopped for vehicle code violations. After a short discussion, the officer said he felt the drive was acting “nervous” and suspicious.

The officer called in a drug enforcement dog who alerted the officer to the vehicle. Further inspection of the vehicle revealed a loaded hand gun and approximately $77,000 in cash.

The suspected was detained by the Orland Police Department, with assistance from the Glenn County Narcotics taskforce.

Further search of the vehicle netted officers a large amount of packaging materials that investigators said are consistent with material used to package drugs for travel.

It was determined that Pardo had travelled from Florida to California in the rental car. It appears as the suspect was in California to purchase narcotics and transport it back to Florida. Officers said, typically, some narcotics fetch a higher price on the east coast.

The suspect was booked into the Glenn County Jail facing charges of carrying a loaded firearm and money laundering in connection with drug sales and held on $22,000 bond.


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