Orland High School Flooding

Feb 2, 2012 7:36 PM

Orland High School Principal Jeff Scheele says, "There was some disappointment of course, but we are viewing it as a speed bump rather than a road block."

Members of Orland High School will have to wait a little longer to use their new state-of-the-art media and science center, after the entire first floor of the two-story building flooded Tuesday night.

"Water came through the bottom half of the building on the lower floor.. so it has pushed our plans back to open the building about 2-3 weeks," says Orland Unified School District Assistant Superintendent Beth Colucci.

A fire sprinkler head in the ceiling went off, for an unknown reason, soaking the floor. Only one carpeted classroom will need to be replaced, and luckily no furniture had been moved into the building yet.

Colucci says, when it's all cleaned up, the building will be a huge step up from the school's current facilities. "They didn't have all the internet lines and electrical to support computers and things like that. And now these buildings will."

But it's more than just Orland High School that's getting a brand new building. Another addition to the school district, this media and science center at C.K. Price Middle School.

On top of the media center, the middle school also welcomed a new cafeteria last year. And the high school just added new athletic fields and a new wing of classrooms.

All funded through a district bond to improve school facilities. "What we had in place was adequate, but this is certainly a big step forward," says Scheele.

C.K. Price's new building is scheduled to open this summer. The Orland High building will now open in mid-March. As for what caused the sprinkler to go off, at this time Orland Police are saying it doesn't seem to be vandalism.


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