Orland girl battles cancer, brother wrestles for a cure

Apr 27, 2016 9:50 PM by Ross Field

An Orland wrestler is fighting for his sister who has cancer, and the small town is rallying around her in a big way. Action News Now's Ross Field filed this report.

Brayden Schumann remembers it like yesterday.

"It was April 17th, 2015. She was diagnosed with cancer at 3:03 p.m.," said Schumann.

Doctors confirming his worst fear. His younger sisters Paislee, who had been losing feeling in her arms and falling down a lot, had an inoperable tumor in her brain.

"It was the worst time of my life, by far," added Schumann.

Paislee immediately started treatment, taking weekly trips to UC Davis Medical Center.

In one year she has undergone 35 rounds of chemotheraphy.

As of now the tumor is stable, the cancer has neither grown nor shrunk.

But every day is a battle. Through it all Brayden stands right by Paislee's side.

"I always look out for her, she's my best friend," Schumann said. "The toughest person I know, she continues to fight. She's a huge inspiration."

An inspiration who's not fighting alone.

Brayden loves wrestling and he says Paislee is his biggest fan.

"She tells me 'good job' after I wrestle a match. She tells me 'I'm proud of you, I love you and you did great.' She's awesome," said Schumann.

Brayden has found a way to use his favorite sport as an avenue for helping Paislee and others with cancer.

He's joined Pin Cancer, a recognized 501c3 non-profit organization that gives wrestlers an avenue to raise money for cancer research through the sport of wrestling.

In June, Brayden will compete in the Pin Cancer Western Nationals in Los Angeles.

"It's important to me because I want one day for the doctors to say it's gone, she doesn't have cancer anymore. You have to fight for it and raise money to find (cure)," said Schumann.

It's not just Brayden who's helping Paislee. The Orland community has rallied around the four-year-old too.

The movement is called "Prayers for Paislee."

Through various fundraisers they've raised more than $12,000 to help the Schumann family.

"This is something that no family should have to go through. And the fact that they are, they're so loved everyone is coming together to support them," said Cindy Fleharty

"That is what Orland is all about! We help each other out and if you live here we're all a big family," added Michele Vigneri.

The outpouring of support is a source of strength and comfort for Brayden.

"It's unbelievable, I can't be more thankful for our community, it's the best community in the world," said Schumann.

A community that wants nothing more than to see Paislee cancer free.

"I love her so much, she's amazing," said Schumann.


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