Orland Fire Department asks city to replace aging truck

Mar 11, 2015 8:25 PM by Jason Atcho

After almost four decades of use, the Orland Fire Department is working to finally replace its current ladder truck. The volunteer fire department in Orland has been using the current ladder truck since 1979 and they're saying it's time that the city finally upgraded to a new one.

"There is no one in town or on city council that doesn't want a new fire truck," said Orland city manager Pete Carr. "They have a lot of equipment but a lot of it has gotten aged and they were very patient with the city through the recession time now as we're beginning to pull out of that we're planning for the purchase of the next piece of our equipment."

The city sets aside money in a reserve every year for the future purchase of a new truck, but during the recession the city couldn't afford to add money to that fund. Now, the city is back on track. "Last year we put away $25,000. This year $35,000. So the fire department would like to see us putting away more of course," said Carr.

"We're working together trying to identify a way to come up with that funding and get us back on track," said Orland Fire Chief Bart Caster. He added that keeping the truck in working order is getting more difficult every year. "It's a little difficult to start and warm up. Maintenance costs keep going up on it every year."

The price of a new truck could cost around $600,000 but the city says they're prepared to make the investment. "We have almost half the money in cash and when it's a 20 or 30 year capital investment like that, you typically spread the payments out over time," explained Carr.

City officials say they need to explore all of the options, including used fire trucks, before making a decision. "The fire department is doing their shopping and homework right now to determine what it is they really want and when they bring that to the city, then we'll find a way to buy it," said Carr.

The fire chief says they're hoping to start the process now with the bid, sending it out, and getting the truck built. Even then it'll take about one to two years before the new truck would arrive.


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