Orland filling "thousands" of sand bags

Dec 10, 2014 6:07 PM by Brian Johnson

Orland officials say they're ready for tonight's storm, despite heavy flooding last week.

City Manager Pete Carr says Orland can handle several inches of rain, just not all at once.

He says that's what happened last week, when there was too much water for all the pipes.

Carr says that was the worst storm event for Orland in 100 years, but there's no expectation this storm will be so sudden.

The one major concern he says is the wind, and he says the city has chainsaws sharpened and ready to go.
Other than that, he says it's standard procedure for these kind of events, like providing sand bags for the community.

"Double checking our storm drains to make sure they're all cleared as they were last week," said Carr. "Making sure that leaves our picked up off the ground and that sort of thing. We've made sand bags and sand available for the public and we have gone through many thousands of sand bag."

Orland residents can fill up sand bags behind the volunteer fire station or the city's public works yard.


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