Orion posts graphic image to website, takes down

Oct 13, 2014 7:42 PM by Brian Johnson

Chico State's award-winning student newspaper The Orion found itself in some hot water after today's fatal train accident near campus.

Following Monday morning's train accident near campus that left one woman dead, an Orion reporter captured an image of a Butte County Sheriff's Deputy carrying both of the woman's severed arms.

It sparked some criticism among other local media members on Twitter, but the Orion quickly took the photo off their website.

"Unfortunately in the age of the internet you don't have the time that you used to have to think a while about how that's going to play," said the Orion's Chico State Adviser Mark Plenke. "When they did have some time to think about it, I think they did a good job of recovering and owning up to this wasn't a good decision and we're going to change our decision."

The Orion's Editor in Chief tells Action News Now the reporter who took the picture is one of their best reporters who puts in a lot of hard work and hours.


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