Ongoing Paradise water leak raising eyebrows during drought

Apr 2, 2015 10:42 AM by Brian Johnson

Water won't stop flowing from a leak in an old Paradise pipe, and in the fourth consecutive drought year, the wasted water is raising some eyebrows.

Paradise Irrigation District will begin work on repairing the leak Thursday morning, but in the meantime, General Manager George Barber told Action News Now they've already done what they can to slow the leak and keep customers' water pressure normal.

Barber said the leak began a couple of days ago, and is a major one compared to some of their others.

He said the district will see anywhere from 60 to 100 leaks every year, and 60 out of 170 total miles of their pipe is old steel.

This pipe was old steel, and that is just one of a few reasons he said the leak hasn't been fixed yet.

"In this case we had a situation where it's an old steel pipe, it's going into some 45 degree angles to go underneath this culvert," Barber said. "So it's deep, the angles are very difficult, so we have to fabricate some things and prep for a repair like that."

Barber said that this major leak is a significant water loss, but he couldn't give me an estimate as to how much.

He said motorists can expect one-way traffic control on Elliot Road starting tomorrow morning.


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