Once flooded Chico neighborhood prepares for incoming storm

Dec 10, 2014 8:34 PM

Head to the end of Bancroft Drive in Chico and you will see a common sight for this time of year, Christmas lights on rooftops, but you'll also see hundreds of sandbags. A local building company is donating bags of sand and dropping them off load by load. Neighbors are all working together to get the bags where they need to go.

"We have a five man crew going slapping these things down." says resident AJ Johl.

Nearly a year ago six homes were completely flooded costing thousands of dollars. AJ Johl says he doesn't want that to happen again.

"We have done so much in repairs to our home in February and having flash backs of all we went through for months getting our homes back to a livable condition."

The water issue on Bancroft was a result of bad drainage. Crews have started construction on a new pipe that should solve the problem. Today residents took work off to work at home. One resident taking apart a fence to let water flow around his home instead of going in it.

"Just did double protection here to put sandbags with plastic around them at the highest points and then did another around the perimeter of our house so hopefully now the water will go right around our house and not inside." says resident Matt Blofsky.

Several more loads of sandbags were brought to Bancroft, by the end of the day there could be a couple thousand. With the storm may come problems, but Johl says its also bringing the neighbors closer together.

"We have a good neighborhood here we all work together."


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