Olivehurst Drug Shooting

Apr 13, 2016 2:17 PM by News Staff

Yuba County sheriff's detectives are investigating an apparent drug deal over marijuana that resulted in one person left dead and two people arrested Sunday evening. The two arrested have yet to face murder charges.

According to a witness in town visiting relatives, they heard what they thought were firecrackers being set off.
Minutes later, emergency vehicles showed up and the frightening scene began to get sorted out.
One witnessed shared his account off camera.. he says he looked over the back fence into the neighbor's yard and snapped a cell phone picture of a man on the ground with an apparent bullet wound.
He says his picture shows a screen door on the ground, along with a plastic bag full of what he believes was marijuana.

According to a Yuba County Sheriff's Office press release, 22 year old Daniel Peters and 44 year old Randall Orway arranged to sell marijuana to 28 year old Kenneth Smith, junior of citrus heights using a social media web site.
But the deal somehow went awry and gunfire was exchanged between Peters and Smith.

The gunfight left Smith dead and the neighborhood looking for answers.
Peters and Orway were booked for sales of marjuana and manufacturing honey oil, and they could face additional charges in connection with the shooting death.
Action News Now contacted the Yuba County Sheriff's Office, but no one was available to comment.
The Sheriff's website lists Daniel Peters in custody, but not Randall Orway.
Deputies are now searching for a white male driving a gold colored Hyundai that was spotted fleeing the scene.

Meantime, witnesses say they are not surprised by the killing, and that the home is a high traffic area at all hours.


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