Ohio deaths renew calls for lookalike guns action

Dec 7, 2014 10:41 AM by News Staff

CINCINNATI (AP) - Two fatal police shootings in less than four months of young people holding lookalike guns in Ohio have raised calls for action to prevent such tragedies.

Such calls have been raised before, after similar police shootings in California, Texas and Florida in recent years.

Deadly cases are rare, but have led to laws and legislation in states and cities across the country. Ohio state Rep. Alicia (uh-LEE'-shuh) Reece is proposing to require such imitation guns to be brightly colored or otherwise marked.

But some weapons and law enforcement experts are skeptical about how effective such laws are.

They say real handguns are made in bright colors, and criminals could paint over weapons to fool police.

A Michigan State professor who has studied such cases says education could help.

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