Officials: Iran Nuke Talks to Continue in New Phase

Mar 31, 2015 9:17 AM

LAUSANNE, Switzerland (AP) - As the self-imposed deadline arrives, Iran and six world powers are wrapping up six days of marathon nuclear talks in Switzerland with mixed results.

Officials say they'll be issuing a general statement agreeing to continue the talks in a new phase. The goal will be to reach a final agreement to control Iran's nuclear ambitions by the end of June.

They'd set a deadline of today for a framework agreement, and later softened that wording to a framework understanding.

There are still obstacles on the issue of uranium enrichment, and where stockpiles of enriched uranium should be stored. There are also still differences to be overcome on the issue of limiting Iran's nuclear research and development, and on just when the sanctions against Iran should be lifted.

The officials say the joint statement will be accompanied by additional documents outlining more detailed understandings. It will let the sides claim that enough progress has been made thus far to merit a new round of talks.

The talks have already been extended twice. They are part of more than a decade of diplomatic attempts to curb Tehran's nuclear advance.


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