Officer caught on camera punching female inmate

Apr 29, 2016 1:33 PM by News Staff

An officer with the Jacksonville, Florida sheriff's office is out of a job this morning after surveillance video captures him assaulting a female inmate.

The incident happened Wednesday inside the Duval County Jail.

Surveillance video shows the officer pushing the 31-year-old inmate up against the wall and then punching her several times after she kicks him.

Authorities say the woman was initially arrested for allegedly harassing patrons at a gentleman's club.

When officers told her she was being arrested, she started swinging.

On Thursday, the officer was fired and charged with simple battery.

"There are ways that this could have been dealt with without striking her,” said Jacksonville Undersheriff Pat Ivey. “He could have turned her around and held her in a transporting position that they are trained in back to the location to wait by the door. He could have stood there with her but there was no need to strike her."


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