October 27, Kids In Action; California Newscasts

Oct 28, 2013 8:06 PM

Every public school 4th grade class in the state studies the history of California, but in tonight's Kids in Action, reporter Rick Carhart takes us to a Chico school where the lessons aren't learned in books but over the "airwaves".

nats "on air"

4th grade teachers Donna Henderson and Susie Bower try to keep their California history lessons fresh for the students.

Donna says, "they are very very smart and I think a lot of times they don't get enough credit for how smart they are."

So the two teachers had their students put on mock newscasts, complete with slide presentations, so the students could help teach each other.

Henry Reed says, "we spent a long time preparing for this and we had to look through a lot of info too.

Kenna Chapin says, "we get to write it down but not just on a piece of paper, it's a way for us to remember it better."

The kids learned many facts about California...

"the state animal is the california grizzly bear"

"the california coast line is 840 miles long"

"the weather is so nice and hot and cool in the winter too."

"the redwood tree is the tallest tree in the world and it's bigger than big ben in london."

"we border mexico which is under us."

They learned about the four main geographical regions...

Owen Dawson says, "the desert, the mountain, the coastal and the valley"

And about natural landmarks like Mount Whitney:

Owen says, "it was formed by tectonic plates to make it huge."

In preparing for their newscasts, the students got a visit from Action News Now sports anchors Lee Carrell and Ross Field with some tips for being on t.v.

nats Lee and Ross

The presentations were short, informative, and entertaining.

Juhney Markham says, "my favorite thing about the project is getting to learn new things and getting to work with my partner and getting to know her better."

Along with other learning stations, the chance to use technology and speak in front of their fellow students all added up to a great learning experience.

Donna says, "being a fourth grade teacher we get to unlock all of that and they become very impressed with themselves and they didn't know how smart they actually were.


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