Oct. 9th, 2013; Scholar Athlete; Summer Vercruyssen

Oct 9, 2013 8:32 PM

Summer Vercruyssen didn't start volleyball until the 6th grade, but since then she's been hooked.

As it turns out, the sport is just one of many things that keep Vercruyssen's interest.

"If I had free time or down time I wouldn't know what to do with it," said Vercruyssen.

Luckily for Summer Vercruyssen, that problem rarely pops up.

This Durham junior is too engaged, either serving as the school's Associated Student Body Secretary or participating in the Durham Symphonic and Competitive Marching Band.

That's just a partial list.

"I don't think I know anything else other than a busy schedule," said Vercruyssen.

On top of all that, Vercruyssen maintains a 3.67 GPA, while taking 2 AP courses.

She enjoys English and her spanish class. Her other favorite subject, volleyball.

"There's so many aspects of it, actually a lot of coaching strategies and a lot about rotation and matching up players, all these tricks of playing smart, and knowing when to tip and when not too, placing serves, like it's a lot harder than people realize and I think that aspect of the game is very cool," said Vercruyssen.

Vercruyssen says she discovered her passion for volleyball in middle school.

Fast forward five years and she's a force in the middle, leading the 15-8 Trojans with 110 kills and 60 blocks.

"Being able to talk to each other, and being there for one another, picking each other up when we're down, that's what I really enjoy is the togetherness of the team," said Vercruyssen.

Vercruyssen hopes to bring home a section title this year and eventually accept an academic scholarship to a 4-year university.

But in the meantime, she'll keep finding ways to be productive in all facets of life.

"I have to fill in that space, otherwise it's space wasted doing something I can enjoy and have fun with," said Vercruyssen.


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