Occupants Clean Up After Chico Apartment Fire

Mar 28, 2013 7:18 PM

Victims of an apartment fire in Chico salvaged what's left of their belongings following last night's destructive blaze..

Flames spread so quickly that those living in the complex barely had time to get out alive. Those people who are still pretty shaken, but thankful for the Red Cross for stepping up to help them.

It happened Wednesday evening, just before 7:00pm, at this apartment comlex at 624 Rancheria Drive in Chico.

"I walked outside and seen all kinds of smoke. It was huge."

A fire broke out in the top left apartment's kitchen while one resident was frying fish in oil.

The flames spread through the vent above the stove and ran across the attic into the other unit, where current Butte College track star Jordan Butterfield was doing homework.

"Ihappened to peek through my silding glass door, saw the smoke shooting through, by the time I got downstairs both rooms on top were clouded up," said Butterfield.

The flames spread so quickly, residents were lucky just to grab a few belongings and get out.

"I was able to get some of my medals but anything that was in the center of any room is pretty much damaged," said Butterfield.

"We quickly grabbed what bags we had packed and got out of there." said Korey Kramer.

A combination of fire, smoke or water destroyed the 4-unit building. Those who lost their homes are now staying in local motels provided by the Red Cross.

"They came in right away and wanted to make sure we were alright and wanted to take care of us. They immediately processed us to be in a motel for 3 days and they gave us a card for food and anything else we need and they've really been a blessing for us," said Kramer.

Fire officials say the residents don't have renters insurance to cover items lost, but those who lost their homes like Jordan, kept things in perspective less than a day after the fire.

"I'm thankful no one was hurt, that was the best part about it, but like I said it really sucks," said Butterfield.

8 people were displaced and the total cost of the damages is still unknown.


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