Obama welcomes Americans who thwarted train attack

Sep 17, 2015 6:29 PM by News Staff

President Barack Obama has welcomed to the Oval Office the three young Americans who thwarted an attack on a Paris-bound passenger trainlast month.

The president said the teamwork, courage and quick-thinking actions of the three prevented a true tragedy.

"Because of their courage, because of their quick thinking, because of their team work, it's fair to say that a lot of people were saved," Mr. Obama added. "And a real calamity was averted."

The president said the three friends represent "the very best of America."

Alek Skarlatos, Spencer Stone and Anthony Sadler have been widely lauded for their actions to stop the attack. They've already made appearances on late-night talk shows, been in a parade and earned France's highest honor from President Francois Hollande.

President Obama, who says he spoke with Hollande about the three young men, relayed the message that the French leader "could not have been more grateful for what these three outstanding young Americans did."

Obama says that in the future, "whatever they do, they're gonna do it well."

The three subdued a man with ties to radical Islam who boarded the train with a Kalashnikov, a pistol and a box cutter.


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