Nurses at Oroville Hospital Face Layoffs

Feb 24, 2014 8:16 PM

After at least a couple of nurses were told they no longer have a job, others at Oroville Hospital are worried that their jobs are in jeopardy too. The hospital has started a process to look at how it can be more streamline. "Oroville Hospital is constantly looking for ways that we can be more efficient. So we're always looking at jobs to restructure positions so that we can continue to meet the demands of health care and also to streamline our operations," explained Jessica Montoya, Human Resources Director for Oroville Hospital.

In the process, about 50 of their 1,400 employees will be affected. However, not all of them will be getting a pink slip. "It's not just going to be necessarily people losing their jobs. It could be a restructuring and looking at different position classifications," said Montoya.

Many nurses say they’re not only concerned about their jobs but they're concerned that the cutbacks will affect patient care. Hospital officials say they'll still have enough staff to take care of all the patients. "There's a lot of other positions here that do help hospitals run and so we're not going to be in a position where we can't continue to provide excellent care," said Montoya.

The union representative for the nurses has filed a grievance against the hospital for not being informed of these recent layoffs. Hospital officials say they're being transparent and employees can come to them with any questions. "We have an open door policy here. They’re open to meet with any of their managers, administrative team, or me. We’ll meet with staff. I’ve had a lot of staff come and talk with me. So yes, we're keeping those lines of communication open," explained Montoya.

The labor representative for the nurses said he still hasn't heard back from the hospital. If you work at the hospital and have questions, you're encouraged to call human resources at 532-8537.


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