Not Everyone Lovin' It: Possibility of New Chico McDonald's

Oct 31, 2013 6:33 PM

The possibility of a new McDonald’s opening across the street from a local high school has caught the attention of more than just the students--and not everyone is loving it.

Located on East Ave., just a few hundred feet from Pleasant Valley High School, the McDonald’s is bad for business, according to nearby restaurant owners.

“It does make us a little bit nervous,” said Vicky Junco, owner of Big Chico Burger. “I don't think it's a great thing for Chico. I think we have enough fast food chains and I’d like to see more local restaurants in the area."

Some students, however, feel a McDonald’s would be popular with their classmates and would fit well with their limited budgets.

“It’s usually cheap,” said Jaihleen Montalvo, a PV High sophomore. “I think a lot of kids will pick that over anything else"

Public opinion, however, is not enough to either start or stop construction.

“I certainly understand where people are coming from on that,” said Greg Redeker, a City of Chico associate planner. “However, our code as written does not differentiate between different types of restaurants. It doesn't matter if it's a McDonald’s or a Grilla Bites.”

The city will hold a meeting on this project Nov. 7.


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