Northern CA college students to ship local product overseas

Apr 1, 2014 5:42 PM

Some Northern California students are making good use out of local timber. Now, chopsticks in China may soon display a "Made in America" stamp, thanks to five students at Feather River College in Quincy. These college students are launching a manufacturing business that will produce and export the chopsticks to China and other foreign markets as part of a class project. Leveraging Plumas County's largest commodity-timber--these students plan to partner with local timber mills to turn excess wood product into the infamous eating utensil, which will then be shipped and traded overseas.

The students are connecting with local mills and business investors, looking for start-up equipment. They are also getting support and resources from California Community Colleges Chancellor's Office's "Doing What Matters For Jobs and the Economy" program. This assistance program is part of a statewide initiative to increase and nurture global trade and logistic opportunities in rural areas of California; provide greater access to international markets; and encourage students to pursue international business.


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