North State young entrepreneur headed to state finals

Jun 3, 2015 9:09 PM by Charlene Cheng

"Don't think, just wink..."

That's the concept behind Flutter Shutters, 18-year-old Katie Mattea's pitch that won her first place and $1,300 in prize money at the regional Youth Entrepreneurship Competition.

"They are a pair of glasses that are waterproof and you can take pictures by winking. I want to associate them with a lot of adventure and fun," she said.

The West Valley High graduating senior thought up the idea for Shasta College's Youth Entrepreneurship Program.

"We took the technology from the motion sensors of lights, and if we dwindle that down and put that in the inside of the lens then it would be able to transfer that into the picture," Katie said.

The young, upcoming businesswoman has already beat out 10 other regional champs at the first portion of the statewide competition.

Next up are the finals, for a chance to win more prize money and the possibility of seeing her idea become a reality.

"The whole 'don't think, just wink,' thing, it makes it a lot easier for people and I think that business investors will see that as well," Katie said.

She plans on heading to U.C. San Diego in the fall, where she'll be majoring in psychology.


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