North State Woman's Dog Brutally Attacked

Aug 26, 2011 7:45 PM

A Paradise woman who called Action News when her dog was stolen last October during a home burglary.. is reaching out once again. Her dog Benjamin was brutally attacked last Sunday.. And now she's hoping to send a message about the importance of leash laws.

"And then I hear him screaming!" Joanne Graham was in the back yard of her Paradise home Sunday, when her 2-year-old pug Benjamin was attacked by a neighborhood dog. She heard him screaming, dropped everything, and ran.

"The rottweiler had Benjamin and was trying to kill him." After Graham shouted no, over and over, the dog dropped Benjamin. She grabbed her dog and ran.. Knowing time was crucial for his survival. "He was already bulging out and he had big cuts on his back where her teeth had been in deep.."

She rushed him to the North Valley Emergency Veterinary Clinic in Chico. Where he was operated on for four hours. And about a hundred stitches later, he was released. "He's very lucky to be alive."

Graham called the police department Monday morning, to tell them she's seen the dog wandering around the neighborhood without a leash many times before. Paradise Police Lieutenant Al Billington says, since then, the owner was cited for having a 'vicious dog.' And will need to pay up to $500 for having it off leash and unattended. "I think the minor consequence is the infraction.. The other consequences are if the dog gets loose, attacks a child, attacks another animal.." Like in Benjamin's case..

Billington also says the town of paradise has a leash law in place to prevent incidents like this. "It's really for the safety of the public and the animal itself."

Graham says she hopes others will learn from this tragedy. And hopes it might prevent other attacks in the future. Meanwhile, she's thankful Benjamin is alive and well. "He's the best little dog and people love him!"

Just this afternoon, the owner of the rottweiler has offered to pay Graham for all of Benjamin's veterinary bills.. Which are close to $4,000 so far. As for Benjamin, he will be resting for least two weeks, but is expected to make a full recovery.


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