North State water savings take a dip in October

Dec 1, 2015 5:27 PM by News Staff/Associated Press

Officials say nearly every North State water district failed to meet its state mandated water conservation target in October.

The state’s northern region was not alone though, as a whole Californians missed the state's monthly 25 percent water conservation target for the first time since enforcement of the cutbacks began in June.

The State Water Resource Control Board reported Tuesday that cities throughout the state saved 22 percent in October.

Locally, Chico missed its target by just over 2 percent, while Redding was more than 17 percent short of its 36 percent target.

Oroville, Red Bluff, Paradise, Anderson and Willows also fell short of their conservation targets. Bella Vista, Del Oro and Shasta Lake were among the few that exceeded the mandated conservation targets.

Felicia Marcus, chairwoman of the state water board, said she had anticipated the dip in water savings because October temperatures were exceptionally warm, driving up the watering of yards.

Marcus says California is meeting its long-term water conservation target. For the five months combined residents have saved 27 percent.


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