North State sex offender describes how he finds victims

Apr 24, 2014 7:36 PM

Terry, 40, is a registered sex offender, convicted on several sexual offenses against young girls, as recently as 2009. He says he chose his victims because they were vulnerable, and he believed he could influence them. Says Terry, "I've had many moral failures, and some offenses towards women and children." He claims drugs, and an abusive marriage dissolved his sense of self-worth, and he chose to prey on young girls because they made him feel more powerful. He says, "People get in a powerless state, depending on where they're at, and what they're doing. And they reach out to somebody who is vulnerable, somebody who is gonna trust them back, that they can gain trust with. Sometimes that's minors, and somebody they feel safe with. They're searching to get value back in some perverted way." Terry says he's speaking out, and sharing his story because he hopes to use his experience to make a difference. Based on a risk-assessment test, Terry is considered a "high-risk" offender. But that could change, according to his psychotherapist Dawn Horwitz-Person. She says, "Because he has more than one offense, that is going to raise his score. The other score is based on how his thinking is changing." Terry is on probation, and was ordered to attend counseling. He is not allowed near his victims.


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