North State residents welcome unusual August rain

Aug 5, 2014 7:43 PM by Meteorologist Jason Atcho

Many of us woke up Tuesday morning to rain showers soaking the parched landscape across the North State. However, this unusual August rain caused some drivers to forget to slow down on the road. California Highway Patrol officers had to respond to many accidents. "We would like to remind drivers that when it is raining, they need to slow down. Watch the roadway ahead. The roadway is slick since it hasn't rained in quite some time. The oils come to the surface of the road and makes it slippery," said Officer Adriana Warner with the California Highway Patrol.

Despite the rain, people still came out to Bidwell Park in Chico to enjoy the welcomed summer relief. "I love the rain and I've just been waiting for it to happen. It makes the air just so much different. Cool, nice, wonderful," explained Joanne Muller of Chico. She says last week's triple digit heat was oppressive and kept her indoors. "I think most people had to stay inside because you went outside and it was just so hot. So this is much better. I hope it lasts for a while."

Others at the park took the opportunity to exercise outdoors for a change instead of staying cooped up inside the gym. "This is actually my first day out running. I've kind of been waiting for the time to get out and do it and do some cardio work rather than hitting the gym. I looked outside today and realized today was the day," said Matt Damm.

While valley residents are enjoying the cool, wet weather, firefighters battling blazes in the mountains are thankful for the temporary relief as well. However, the higher humidity will be short lived and the drier conditions will be back in just a couple of days.


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