North State residents doing their part to conserve water

Jul 17, 2014 12:42 AM by Vanessa Vasconcelos

As drought conditions worsen in California, a newly imposed fine could make residents think twice about their water usage. Overusing water can now cost you up to $500. Now more than ever, residents are wanting to do their part to conserve water. Some are hoping their landscape won't be hardest hit.

Ken Hodge, owner of Hodge's Nursery in Durham, has plenty of ways to conserve water without sacrificing your plants. He says there's no need to make your landscape look like a desert. Some of the main tips he has: picking drought tolerant plants, infrequently watering, and mulching your soil.

While we've made great strides to conserve water, there is always room for improvement.

Cal Water's Pete Bonacich says there are simple ways to make sure we are not wasteful. Some of the most important are making sure we don't use hoses without nozzles, hose down sidewalks or driveways, have fountains without recirculation and water runoff.

For a list of resources and ways to conserve water, visit the Cal Water website.


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