North State man warns of 'Monster' Craigslist scam

Dec 19, 2014 5:17 PM by News Staff

Scammers on Craigslist are finding new deceptive ways to rip people off, and after nearly falling for the scam, a Thermalito man is warning others to be careful.

Greg Abrew, of Thermalito, responded to a Craigslist post that was looking for people to advertise ‘Monster Energy Drinks' by placing a large decal on their vehicle. The ad listed a (530) area code phone number and appeared to be legitimate.

Abrew communicate with the number via text message, and a few days later a check for $1500 arrived in the mail. Along with the check were instructions, Abrew was told to deposit the check, keep $350 as payment for the decal wrap and spend the remaining $1200 to an address in Monterey.

Abrew grew suspicious and put in a call to Monster. The company told him they had received several phone calls about the ad, and it was in fact a scam.

Abrew cut off communications with the scammer, but was continuously harassed. The scammer's goal through this whole thing is to have Abrew deposit the check and send them cash. The bank would have given out the cash before it was determined to be a fake and he would then be responsible for the money the bank gave him.


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