North State Horror Film

Jun 15, 2011 7:10 PM

It promises to be another blood drenched horror flick filled with action and suspense by director Joshua Siegel, who you may remember from his first feature film, "Bloodwood Cannibals", which was all shot in Butte County. Siegel's back in action and has started filming his second feature, " A Midsummer Nightmare: The Betrayal", all filmed in the dense forest beyond Forest Ranch". " Northern California doesn't get too many films, so a lot of places up here haven't been seen on film", said writer and director Joshua Siegel.
Unlike the paradise filmmaker's first flick, " A Midsummer Nightmare: The Betrayal" will be of a more professional caliber with higher quality equipment and a more intricate storyline. " A little bit higher budget, Bloodwood was sort of low budget, indie, grungy, we have more professional crew on this one, a sleeker more big budget look", Siegel said.
And while Siegel hopes his latest film will outshine his last, it will still get down and dirty when it comes to the blood, guts and gore. " A little bit more action fantasy, but with of course a taste of horror", said Siegel. Actor and producer Jeff Moore says, " Lots of blood and gore, lots of suspense, it's a fantasy horror so we hope the people like it".
The cast is mostly made up of actors from Chico's local theater groups as well as students from Chico State and Butte College. The filming is scheduled to take about a week and the crew hopes to have a finished product by October so the movie can compete in several horror film festivals. Siegel says a theater viewing is also planned and he's hoping for rave reviews. " The Pageant or the El Ray, and basically just pack the house with people", said Siegel.


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