North State gets poor grades in anti-smoking fight

Jan 22, 2015 11:19 AM by News Staff

A new report released Wednesday by The American Lung Association gives the North State failing grades when it comes to tobacco control policies.

The American Lung Association's State of Tobacco Control grading is based on tobacco prevention, smoke-free air, tobacco taxes and access to cessation services.

Butte County received an F and every city in the county also failed across the board, the only cities receiving any points were Chico and Gridley for having smoke-free recreation areas.

Glenn County also received an F, though Orland got a D for having several smoke-free areas. Willows and the rest of the county failed across the board.

Tehama County also failed however Shasta County fared a little better than the rest of the North State. The City of Shasta Lake received an F, but Anderson, Redding and the rest of the county was given a D.

You can see the entire report here.

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