North State fishermen fight littering

Jun 8, 2015 6:12 PM by Ally Triolo

Time spent outside increases during the summer months. From floating the river to staking one's claim at a favorite fishing spot, the great outdoors becomes a playground of choice for locals. As the number of people utilizing the area's natural beauty increases, some fishermen have noticed littering has increased as well. Fed up by the mistreatment of the environment, Gil Cital and William Pfingst have come up with a creative solution to fixing the problem.

Cital started the "Sacramento River Clean Up" Facebook page hoping to connect with others who have also noticed the trash surrounding local waterways. The social media site is where he met Pfingst, a local fisherman who urged Cital to partner with him in creating a solution to the refuse. Cital, a construction worker, built a garbage bag dispenser out PVC pipe. The creative duo have been building these dispensers solely out of pocket and are attaching them to trees around the area.

Pfingst feels the bag dispensers are a no brainer, and wants to make taking care of the environment as easy as possible for those who use it.

"It all flows into the same location so if we can stop [the littering] ahead of time we don't have to worry about our oceans being destroyed, and fish and wildlife just decimated because of us," Pfingst says.

Cital and Pfingst have recently been sponsored by the "Big Red Worm" bait company, and have improved the quality of their dispensers. If anyone is interested in a trash bag dispenser for their favorite fishing spot, Cital and Pfingst can be contacted through the "Sacramento River Clean Up" Facebook page.


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