North State Businesses Say New CARB Regulations Will Hurt Them

Oct 17, 2013 7:06 PM

Diesel trucks, buses, trailers and more across the state of California will have to comply with new clean air regulations by January 1st, 2014.

It's part of the California Air Resources Board’s (or CARB) truck and bus regulations.

One such company in Chico is gambling by playing the waiting game.

S and L meat sales put in an order for two new diesel trucks last week. They still need three more. Even if they put in that order today, they wouldn't get them by the first of the year.

The problem for companies like S and I is they feel voiceless in the north state, and it looks like they'll be paying their own way through these regulations.

“Everybody wants clean air…so do we. It's just at what cost?” Mike Manna, Logistics Manager at S and L said.

“Jerry Brown seems to be on board with the commission, it’s his commission, so I don't know,” Butte County Supervisor Maureen Kirk said.

The cost of replacing five trucks at S and L will be around $600,000, and Manna said it's not worth buying the 20-thousand dollar filters to put on the old ones.

Instead of buying all five, S and L put in an order for two trucks last week.

But if the state doesn't budge, things will get tight for companies like s and l.

“We may not be able to give raises, we might not be able to do profit sharing, go hire new people, upgrade technology, [and] add on to our business and build,” Manna said.

“We're going to keep screaming, and still going to do the best we can to get this changed. But I'm not optimistic,” Kirk said. “While we all want clean air, you have to be reasonable at the same time.”


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