North State Business Thrives Despite Economic Downfall

Apr 11, 2012 7:38 PM

What began as a small start-up company out of a garage, has now grown into a bustling business with dozens of employees. And after four years, Novasyte has definitely made it's mark. " Now we have 15 international employees, 350 consultants and about 10-15 current customers," said Novasyte C.O.O Joe Andrew.
The north state company provides education and personnel to medical device companies across the nation. Novasyte recruits, trains and gets medical sales representatives hired, working primarily with registered nurses which become trained traveling consultants. " We do that three ways, we do it with a field base team of clinical educators, we do it with an 800 clinical help desk, and we also do it with our video chat solution, Novasyte 360," said Novasyte C.E.O Tim Gleeson.
Aside from the successful work Novasyte does, the company also has a successful team of employees in the Chico office, all from Chico State. The company has eight Chico State graduates who work full time to train consultants for the company. " When you look at Chico State, it's the right mentality, it's very supportive of entrepreneurs in the area and the kids that come out of there have been fantastic," said Gleeson.
Novasyte has also just launched a video chat training program called Novasyte 360, and is also looking into hiring another Chico State grad to add to the team. It also continues to recruit interns from the university. And as far as what the successful company recommends to businesses just starting off. " Before you jump into the deep end of the pool, make sure the problem you're solving is a big one and a real one," said Gleeson.


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