North Chico Neighbors Peeved Over Potholes

Mar 21, 2013 11:51 PM

Residents in one North Chico neighborhood say work to bring their homes in compliance with the city's Nitrate Action Plan has left their roads badly damaged, and they're having trouble getting answers. The Chico Urban Area Nitrate Compliance Plan requires homes in the compliance zone to switch from septic tanks to the city's sewer system. City crews have spent months working on the north part of town, ripping up streets and laying the groundwork. Neighbors say their big trucks damaged the roads, and while the city paved down the center of their streets, it left the rest of their streets with big potholes and very rough surfaces. They say they told city planners how bad the damage was at a neighborhood meeting, and were informed there wasn't enough money to pave entire streets. Instead, crews come by periodically and chipseal. Action News tried to contact representatives of the city and were told they were on spring break.


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