No airline service plays big factor in moving Nat'l Yo Yo Championship out of Chico

Jun 30, 2015 12:11 AM by Debbie Cobb

The City of Chico is losing the National Yo Yo Championships, in part, due to the fact the city no longer has an airline service. The first competition was held in Chico 22 years ago and has been held here ever since. But this year, the event is moving to the Redondo Beach Performing Arts Center, 15 minutes from Los Angeles International Airport.

Organizer Bob Malowney says no airline service and a lack of an auditorium in Chico, as well as keeping up with the growth of the event, all played factors into having to move the popular event. Malowney says Philadelphia is a front runner for the Yo Yo competion in 2016. He says Chico has been a wonderful place to incubate the national past time sport, but it needs to grow.

Last year only 100 players could compete, now more can take part. A local Yo Yo competition will take the place of the National Championships at City Plaza the first week in October. The National Yo Yo Museum is still housed inside the Bird in Hand store on Broadway, which Malowney owns. He says it is where the best players in the world have come to compete.


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