Nintendo 3DS Warnings for Young Gamers

Jan 6, 2011 7:53 PM

3D technology is becoming more popular than ever. 3.2 million 3-d televisions were sold in 2010. But now it's moved from movies, to television, and onto video games. While many are excited to shed the glasses during 3-d gaming, the visual trickery that produces the images can also make some people feel ill.

Dr. Robert Reeve, a Chico Ophthalmologist says, "Maybe some eye strain, they may feel fatigue, they may get a little headache or something." But according to Nintendo, it may be something a little more serious, and may affect young children. Nintendo is warning parents that children 6 and younger should not use the new 3DS because of the risk of lasting damage to ocular development.

The company issued a statement that says, quote, "Nintendo's position is children 6 and under should not use the 3d feature of Nintendo 3DS, and parents should use the parental controls feature to restrict access to the 3-D mode."

Dr. Reeve says, "In that age group it's more likely that you're going to have an undiagnosed eye muscle imbalance which can create a problem." But he goes on to say permanent damage is unlikely.

Dr. Reeve says, "Any video gaming that is over long periods of time can potentially be harmful and cause strain on the eyes and fatigue. As far as causing permanent damage, I don't think it's going to cause any permanent damage."

Because they're still so new, there is currently no proven evidence that the 3
DS will cause lasting damage to the eyes. Still, Nintendo is being cautious for it's product launch, scheduled for March.


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