NFL: Oakland has had 'no viable proposal' to keep Raiders

Aug 12, 2015 1:49 AM by CBS Sports - Will Brinson

An NFL team is moving to Los Angeles. We don't know which one and we don't even really know when. The NFL wasn't particularly clear on those points Tuesday during Roger Goodell's press conference, either.

However, NFL executive vice president Eric Grubman also spoke and provided some words that shouldn't be comforting to Raiders fans. Specifically, Grubman said the city hasn't given the Raiders a "viable proposal" yet.

"The Oakland Raiders have great fans. The facts on the ground are there's been no viable proposal that's been made to the Raiders," Grubman said. "We've said one thing consistently to any of the markets and it really rests on a couple of pillars. One of them the proposal has to be specific. The second is it has to be attractive to a team. And the third is it has to be actionable.

Grubman added "thus far those sorts of tests have not been met in Oakland."

Yikes, Oakland.

As Jason La Canfora wrote in February, the Raiders are not long for Oakland. They look like a major contender to land in Los Angeles regardless of what the Rams and Chargers do.

There has been discussions of a co-op stadium between the Chargers and Raiders, and the ownership groups for those two teams recently met with the mayor of Los Angeles.

As much as Raiders fans might not want to see their team head off into the sunset (again) it's feeling more and more like an inevitability.


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