New Years Resolutions

Dec 31, 2014 6:38 PM by News Staff

With the New Year comes the annual tradition of New Year's resolutions and many people are setting goals for themselves in 2015. Fitness centers across the country will be seeing a boost in memberships. "January 1st, we usually get a huge amount of new members coming into the gym," said Ryan Flenner, Fitness Director at In Motion Fitness in Chico. They see anywhere from 500-1,000 new people sign up every year. "You see a lot of new people wandering around and not exactly sure what they're doing but they made their resolution and they're here to get it done."

Many people are looking for a fresh start and want to get in shape for a variety of reasons. "It's the holiday weight. They're going to plan a trip in the summer time or in the spring. They want to get fit," explained Flenner.

Many locals say they want to improve their health in the New Year as well as do more. "Eat healthier and exercise daily. I want to read every day and travel more," said Jason Bramson.

"Especially as you get older, staying in shape and getting more exercise. Eating less and being more healthy. And being happier. It's all about being positive minded," said Evita Moreno.

Dexter Moore added "going back to school. I'm 21 units away from having a bachelor's and associates and I'm not going to let anything stop my goals."

For those that want to lose a few pounds or build some muscle in 2015, experts say patience is key. "The most challenging part is making it through that 3rd month and continuing onto that 4th month. That is when you start to see results," explained Flenner.


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