New Wheels For The Chico Police Department

Apr 3, 2013 7:43 PM

They've been used by the Chico Police Department for more than a decade, but as of 2011, Ford Motor Company discontinued Crown Victoria's. "That forced us to change the car we currently use, and with that information we decided to change the look of the car, too," according to Chico Police Officer Todd Lefkowitz.

The new cars are Chevy Caprice's and are shifting from a solid white with black and blue lettering, to a more traditional black and white. Officers Darren Reichel, Jeff Durkin, and Todd Lefkowitz all played a major part in making these cars specific to Chico by adding one of the town's most recognizable landmarks, the Bidwell Mansion. Officer Durkin told Action News "we want something that everyone could look at, and know exactly what it is, and also so when we take the car to other places, too, to events and everything. It's gonna be the only car of it's kind anywhere."

The Department has six of the new Caprice's, and are also getting two new Chevy Tahoe's for Crime Scene Investigators, and Supervisors. All of the new vehicles are included in the Departments annual budget.

Officials told Action News they plan to continue switching out the aging Crown Victoria's with new Caprice's over the next four years.


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