New Training Room for Chico Police and Firefighters

Apr 20, 2010 7:38 PM

A group of Chico police and fire department personnel are teaming up; they are trying to turn a city owned garage into a place where they can pump iron! "The hope is we will be able to increase our job skills and a healthy officer is important, the job we do does require a lot of physical strength," Sgt. Rob Merrifield from the Chico Police Department stated. "Those firefighters are going literally from zero to working as hard as they can, that creates a lot of stress on the human body," Chico Fire Chief Jim Beery explained.

They think if they are in shape, they will be better able to handle that stress. The goal is to raise twenty-thousand dollars at an event this Friday for the project, so they don't have to dip into city funding. Beery says spending some money now will save in the long run. "If they are working out on a regular basis, staying flexible, they are eating right, there are going to be less injuries in the line of duty, that helps our bottom line at the city by off-setting or preventing costs for worker's compensation."

No money from the city's finances will be used. However, given that both departments are dealing with tight budgets, is this the best way to spend any type of funding, especially when there are other ways to stay fit, like health club memberships? "The amount of money that we're trying to raise for this project doesn't really come close to hiring or saving a job," Merrifield said.

The project has been in the works for over a year. More than 150 tickets have already been bought for this week's benefit. The Guns and Hoses Fundraiser will take place at the Sierra Nevada Big Room this Friday starting at 5:30. Tickets cost forty dollars and can be purchased at the Chico police department.


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