New Traffic Laws Go Into Effect January 1st.

Dec 31, 2015 8:49 PM by Anthony Peters

The turning of the calendar year means new laws and for motorists throughout the state of california.
On the highways, a new law requires all slow-moving passenger vehicles to safely pull over to allow traffic to pass, that includes bicycles.

"As soon as they hit a pullout or a safe area to yield to allow the traffic to pass," CHP officer Gregg Miley said.

Regarding notifications, California passed two laws establishing the use of changeable message signs in alerts.
The the silver alerts will be used for situations dealing with seniors or cognitively impaired individuals, while the yellow alert will be used in cases of hit and runs.

"If there is a hit and run that involves death or great bodily injury and it's likely that the vehicle used the state highway system then the changeable signs are an option," Miley said.

One of the biggest laws which passed in the last year won't take effect until January of 2017, that's when all children under the age of two must ride in a rear-facing car seat.

"The exceptions to that are if they are above 40 pounds or 40 inches," Miley said.

With the new year fast approaching the CHP encourages motorists to get familiar with the law because enforcement starts when the clock strikes midnight.

"They are effective as soon as the law becomes into effect January 1st," Miley said.

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