New Toyota Recalls Affect Local Dealerships

Feb 9, 2010 7:47 PM

Employees at Chuck Patterson Auto-World in Chico are staying busy but it might not be the kind of business they are hoping for. After Toyota's annoucement Tuesday of a third recall, the phones keep ringing and drivers continue to pull up their vehicles on a steady basis. This time, the 2010 Hybird Prius is encountering a brake problem.

Sales Manager Brad Marr says the recalls are affecting business. "It's been a bit of a challenge, we definitely noticed a few less people in the showroom floor but we still sell cars, we sold three yesterday, so business is going right along."

About 25 people brought their vehicles in for modification Tuesday at the Chuck Patterson Auto-world in Chico. Although some people have expressed concern over the recent recalls, others say they have not lost any trust in the company.

Toyota Avalon owner Dan Walker says he still thinks his vehicle is still safe to drive. "This is a funny little glitch that has come up and it has hurt them a little maybe but I think they'll over come this pretty well. They're a very strong company, very customer-oriented, very faithful to us and we enjoy the car," Walker stated.

Anyone who owns a 2010 Prius or any other vehicle that has been recalled can bring it to Chuck Patterson Auto-World. The modifications will be done on the spot and shouldn't take long. Appointments can also be made.

Marr assures all customers the company is still reliable. "Toyota is very concerned about their customers and they always have been. I've been with Mr. Patterson for 21 years and when something like this comes up, Toyota is always by the customer first and always gets it taken care of in a timely matter," Marr explained.


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