New study shows impacts of AB109 on Butte County

Oct 21, 2015 8:51 PM

A new study released this week shows the impacts of AB 109 on Butte County. The data released by Chico state is promising.

Research shows despite an increased workload, Butte County's Law enforcement agencies have maintained public safety.

The study was conducted by Chico State's Criminal Justice undergraduate students, Master of Arts in Political Science and Master of Public Administration students and Criminal Justice Program and Legal Studies Program faculty members.

The study, appropriately titled "Navigating the Storm," evaluates the first three years of AB 109's implementation. It shows that despite challenges prompted by California's criminal Justice realignment, the shift was handled well.

The passage of AB 109 posed some of the most significant changes for the Criminal Justice System, including realigned sentencing for certain low level felony offenders from State to Local supervision.

The study shows an increase in criminal sophistication for criminals coming into the system locally. They also find "failure to appear" numbers have more than doubled.

The research provides Butte County's Criminal Justice System with an independent view on AB 109's impacts. Sheriff Kory Honea says the data serves as a roadmap to alleviating strains on the system and demonstrates the need for a larger jail and duplicate rehabilitation programs. He says they plan to focus on a two-pronged approach of not only ensuring compliance with the law, but mentorship as well.


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