New rating system for Butte County restaurants

Dec 22, 2014 7:36 PM by News Staff

The next time you go to a restaurant in Butte County, you may be seeing a color coded placard right near the door.

Starting January 1st, every food retail facility in Butte County will start using a new grading system for their inspection results. "It's a very simple process using a color coded system of a green placard or pass, a yellow placard which is a conditional pass, or a red which is basically fail or closed," explained Lisa Almageur, Communications Manager for Butte County Public Health.

Restaurants will still undergo their normal inspections to find major health violations. "Our health inspectors are looking for the 5 risk factors of that lead to food borne illnesses and our goal is to minimize those occurrences," said Almageur.

If major violations are observed, the placard will be changed from green to yellow. "They have one day to correct those violations. We will re-inspect within one business day and if we come back and those violations have been corrected, then that yellow placard will get replaced with a green placard," said Almageur.

Local business owners say the new system will makes it simple for consumers. "It's going to be right there for customers and for people walking down the street. They can take a look and see. They'll know right away," said Michael Thomas, Owner of Tres Hombres in Chico.

Many diners say this new system is great to make restaurants accountable. "If a restaurant's not up to par, then we need to make sure that there's a responsibility with the restaurant so they can make those changes and if they don't make those changes they should be shut down," said Cassie Zimmerlee, a restaurant diner.

Many business owners are on board and welcome the new changes. "From an owners standpoint, the always keep us on our toes anyway. So we're just doing our job the way we're supposed to do it," said Thomas.


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